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Posted by Jolien Segers

We created this super exclusive set of Smashing icons for you - the design community and released it together with Smashing Magazine! 


This is one big fat freebie consisting of 42 chunky Pika-style icons; available as PNG and AI source files and come with a Creative Commons Attribution license. Use the icons for your commercial and personal projects. All we ask is to link to this article to spread the love. 



 Included in this icon set:


- Smartphone icon

- Book icon
- Light bulb icon
- Map icon
- Watch icon
- Navigation system icon
- Trees icon
- Banknote icon
- Comment icon
- Binocular icon
- Laptop icon
- Archive icon
- Download icon
- Upload icon
- Delivery van icon
- Fax machine icon
- Tablet icon
- Repeat icon
- Dashboard icon
- Like icon
- Revenues icon
- Silverware icon
- Video camera icon
- Move icon
- Fire icon
- Shower icon
- Checkmark icon
- Delete icon
- Folder icon
- View icon
- Calendar icon
- Spaghetti icon
- Shrimp icon
- Global icon
- Location icon
- Computer screen icon
- Plug icon
- Previous icon
- Next icon
- Eraser icon
- Shopping cart icon
- Remove from cart icon


The icon set contains 42 delicate and useful vectors for various occasions. Each icon is available in sizes 60×60 pixels and 30×30 pixels. {The icons are pixel-perfect at multiples of 30 pixels.} Even the Adobe Illustrator vector file is included.


You really should download this icon set (.zip, 2.67 Mb) even if you think you'll never need a vector shrimp. Never say never.

42 free Pika icons not enough for you? Buy the whole set here.

May you enjoy her as much as we do!

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