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Posted by Hemmo de Jonge

Yes we can! We make icons and more... this one for example. Illustrations are great for identity design systems. Intriguing, instrumental and instantly recognizable. Don't tell your story, illustrate it or be boring.


I'm the founder of Dutch Icon and I'm not your average icon designer. Just a design nerd with years of design experience including corporate identities, packages, web design, illustrations and yes icons. An eye for design, I guess, mixed with just enough perfectionism and a solid foundation established at art academy. Of course I also have a fine team supporting me. We can help you! 


Hi there!

We created this space for the more curious to share and discuss thoughts, experience, developments, knowledge, information - all kinds of stuff.


To keep you informed and for us to keep asking questions.


Make your voice heard. Also you'll want to keep an eye out for free gifts passing by. 


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