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You are probably working on some amazing new design and you need additional or exclusive icons. We are more than happy to help you out.


The pricing of the icons mainly depends on the type of license you choose. We offer the Non-Exclusive license and the Exclusive license; with both Dutch Icon remains copyright holder. If you wish we can even talk about a total buyout of copyrights. Our icons are Royalty-Free which means you can use them for multiple projects or applications. Read more about licensing in the FAQ.

We believe in a highly efficient and smooth collaboration with the clients we work with. This is very important. When we can achieve this, the amount of time it will take from start to finish a project will be around 10 icons per week. That also depends a bit on current running projects at Dutch Icon of course. 
More about our work process.

To receive a free estimate for your custom icon design job please fill out the form below. Based on the following details we'll be able to make an accurate estimate of the costs for you. Some questions could have multiple answers. Keep in mind that the type of license and the extra options you choose may result in extra costs.



Custom icon design form

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If possible please email us:


  • a list of the required icons including a detailed function description;
  • screenshots of the artwork in which the icons will be integrated.
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