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Election icons 2

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Abraham Lincoln, USA Insignia, Speech, Cheering, White House, Search Candidate, Check Date, Pie Chart, Elections Hat, Protest Fist, Discussion, Voting, Decoration, Lady Justice, Presidential Seat.

Abe Lincoln would have loved these!

You might choose President Obama to lead the United States another term or perhaps you'll give Mitt Romney a chance this time. Either way, this second elections icons set also proves itself capable to tell the truth and walk the talk just like a president should. These eye-catching vectors will bring your message across clearly, seriously and friendly. Super useful in all kinds of design may it be for a blog, flyer, app or as decoration.

Something's cooking...

We have been sitting on this for quite a while now and we have decided to make things a little easier for all of you, and ultimately for ourselves as well. You will get unlimited access to the complete Dutch Icon Library for a flat fee and we will focus totally on creating new quality icons. It will be our mission to empower designers and developers to make the web look good.

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